Luna Blu Schooling Circuit


Luna Blu Schooling Circuit shows begin on April 13th. Be sure to check back to view the current show standings.

Current show points:

Division/ClassApril 13May 25June 22July 13August 17September 21October 12October 26November 16Total Points
Henry Peck0000
Riley Wommack0000
Emersyn Hall0000
Schooling Hunter:
Practically Perfect22241460
Carefully Z310031
BNF Smooth Tequila029029
Mizpah Oracle002727
Silver Causeway120012
Junior Pony Hunter:
Cavalier Cracker Jackson2811039
Angel's Highest24121147
Rebel Reserve027027
Cookiez N Creme020020
Lucky Penny107017
Ziggy Stardust120012
Limited Hunter:
Peanuts and Popcorn2324047
The 13th King290029
Call Me A Dreamer072229
WHE Savannah002828
Silver Causeway1311024
PA Arpad0909
Tamar Dark Roses0606
Signed In0505
Low Hunter:
Angel's Highest27243182
Wishes Do Come True2012032
Church Creek092231
The 13th King110011
Crown Royalty010010
Baby Green Hunter:
Little Bear003131
Crown Royalty290029
Student Equitation:
Alyssa Cales1303144
Camilla Cherry310031
Abigail Hoye210021
Cali Stalcup010010
River Fries0909
Beginner Jumping Equitation:
Leyna Colmer29311575
Madison Hall23222267
Claire Ayers110011
Taylor Albert5005
Pre-Short Stirrup Equitation:
Annabelle Johnson1002939
Madelyn Hall260026
Cash Me Outside55313
The 13th King74112
Bet The Farm0707
Wishes Do Come True4004
Only Child0044
Flower Power3003
Silver Causeway2002
Riddle Me This0022
Tall Dark and Handsome1001
Buckaroo Showmanship:
Annabelle Johnson73010
Makenzie Gilliam4509
Junior Showmanship:
Wren Castle0707
Annabelle Becker0077
Zoe Rolen5005
Reilly Price0055
Adult Showmanship:
Erinn Flanagan0459
Lauren Jones0077
Buckaroo Equitation Pre-Walk Trot:
Mason Fletcher2922051
Harper Feddaoui2415039
1st Year Equitation Walk Trot:
Claire Hobbs2102243
Rorie McMahon1302942
Ava Gardner1324037
Jane Decker270027
Alex Peine001414
Holly Stone0099
Keira Broderick0066
2nd Year Equitation Walk Trot:
Margaret Halle2922051
Ellie Warren062430
Karson Benton002929
Riley McCall1301225
Jayde Madeira230023
Buckaroo Pleasure Walk Trot:
Twist of Fate2231053
A Trick Up Her Sleeve318948
River N Run002424
Ziggy Stardust301013
Practically Perfect120012
Cavalier Cracker Jackson0066
No Bucks Left0505
Buckaroo Equitation Walk Trot:
Karson Benton2329052
Payton Eberle290029
Bailey Rowe024024
Junior Equitation Walk Trot:
Wren Castle2731058
Chloe Gaddis7123150
Harrison Guckert2322045
Madison Taylor002222
Hailey Lohen49013
Jane Decker110011
Zoe Rolen110011
Anna Chandler0606
Adult Equitation Walk Trot:
Sharon DeVoll280028
Taylor Albert130013
Baby Green Pleasure GAYP:
Dance Lightly310031
Cash Me Outside002929
Done Deal002323
Riddle Me This001111
Lyle Crocodile0099
Wild Fire0088
Buckaroo Equitation GAYP:
Makenlee Mathews190019
Bailey Rowe120012
Annabelle Johnson120012
Junior Equitation GAYP:
Chloe Gaddis843143
Kaitlyn Jones3110041
Cali Stalcup1228040
Wren Castle199028
Madison Hall024024
Talia Poland002222
Alyssa Cales100010
Anna Chandler0303
Hailey Lohman0101
Adult Equitation GAYP:
Lillian McKay0273158
Caitlin Knight0152136
Ashley Mallery023023
Sharon DeVoll220022
Jacque Rolen001313
Joy Thomen0099
Junior Pleasure WTC:
Larks Flame31252480
Wishes Do Come True1021031
Practically Perfect1713030
Diementa CL002828
Peanuts and Popcorn011011
Alice In Chains010010
Angel's Highest9009
Silver Causeway6006
Junior Pleasure Pony WTC:
Wishes Do Come True3129060
Lucky Penny2224046
Adult Pleasure WTC:
Carefully Z001313